The Secret to Having Influence and Persuasion

The Power of Sticking Around A little while back, our group got together to make some calls to people who downloaded the eBook from us, and on this particular night I decided to call some people from way back when … Readmore +

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Make a Pain List and Check It… Often!

Are you familiar with Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power program? If not, you should check it out. I recently dusted it off and started listening to it again. In the program he talks a lot about the Pleasure – Pain principle. … Readmore +

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Your “WHY” Will Get You Started – Your Mission Will Keep You Going

Hey, what’s your Mission in Life? I’m not talking about your “WHY.” We’ve been over that in a previous post. I’m talking about your Mission. A lot of people will argue that they are the same thing, but I view … Readmore +

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The Importance of Finding Your “Why”

For the past few months I’ve been very depressed. So much so, that for a bit I even considered that my time here on earth might be up and that I needed to leave. Not good to say the least. … Readmore +

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