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What a Written Testimonial Should Say

A Written Testimonial should be phrased in a way that takes away the risk or neutralizes a fear. It should be phrased in a way that shows a value benefit or a specific enhancement. If you haven’t read my two … Readmore +

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Get Rich Using the Power of Testimonials

Using the Power of┬áTestimonials is the single most influential method of making a sale or getting people to take an action on what you’re trying to promote to them. Jeffrey Gitomer coined a phrase, “When you say it about yourself, … Readmore +

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The Secret to Having Influence and Persuasion

The Power of Sticking Around A little while back, our group got together to make some calls to people who downloaded the eBook from us, and on this particular night I decided to call some people from way back when … Readmore +

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How to NOT Go Broke in Network Marketing!

How to NOT Go Broke in Network Marketing! I just got off the phone with a great guy who is at his wits end. For the last 10 years he’s been trying to make it work in Network Marketing, and … Readmore +

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Riding The Network Marketing Wave

When I was younger, I lived near the Pacific Ocean in California. We would go to the beach a lot. Surfing and riding the waves was a big part of my youth. One thing that I learned about the waves … Readmore +

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The Money is in the List! – Wrong!

I know you’ve been told this countless times… The money is in the list! Is that really true? Or is your list nothing more than a bunch of names? I’m going to venture out on a limb and tell you … Readmore +

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It’s Easier to Build Leaders When You Have Volunteers

Some great advice from Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter: It’s easier to build leaders when you have volunteers. When you sponsor new distributors, they will have their own reasons for joining network marketing. Some distributors will want to simply purchase their … Readmore +

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