Over the years, I’ve observed a lot of people who have not achieved what they want in life. These people often have a lot in common. I thought it might benefit YOU to have a list of things NOT to do.

So, the following is what seems to be a mental “To Do” list for non-achievers:

  1. Don’t listen to anyone who has had actual success.
  2. Take advice from everybody you know who has never achieved a dream.
  3. Plan, plan, plan, and plan some more. Get everything 100% right. Then check it a few more times before you actually DO something.
  4. Blame others for your failure to achieve what you want.
  5. Take time every day to remind yourself what a loser you are.
  6. Repeat the same mistakes over and over.
  7. Keep going in the same direction that has never gotten you where you want to go.
  8. Don’t do anything to replace those limiting, negative thoughts you’ve always had.
  9. Keep spending time around those people who assure you you’ll never be successful.
  10. Insist that you are right, no matter what the outcome of any action, because being wrong is worse than failure.

Is there anything on this list that YOU ever do?

If so, how can you change it?

To Your Success, Because Your Success Matters!

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Comment :

Wow! Hard hitting and incisive. And 180% CORRECT!!! It’s amazing to me how we know we are not doing anything to be successful, but maybe don’t want to admit it to ourselves or to others. Instead, we’ll do all 10 of the things on your list and then wonder what’s wrong with the business or the company or the team…looking at everyone and everything but ourselves.

Before my daughter was born, I used to do all of these things. I mean…what could anyone expect? I was 23 and young and quite silly…but age and failure helped me tremendously. Now, when things don’t work, I look at it and adjust and change behaviors. It’s hard, but it’s gotta be done if you want to grow.

Great post, David! Thanks for this. I hope lots of people read and take action!


Hey…do you have Commentluv?



Hola David!

Nice post! hehe I must confess I’m guilty for having done a thing or two from your list. But it takes a lot of internal force to overcome those negative things and achieve our goals!



I’m human, and I must admit that one item on the list is familiar, but this is an excellent list of “Not to do” I’ll go to write and paste in the refrigerator to keep it in mind. :)
I’m sure this post will help a lots of people, to take action!

Magali Delgado

Hi David!

The result of these affirmations daily to mention is that going to believe you and your subconscious is going to assimilate to make it happen … our actions are highly dependent on nuesstros thoughts …



Great post David!

Thanks for this info, Now I know what I dont have to do :P


So true! I call it mental post-its! If you see these excuses come about, write them on your calendar! I have to make appointments for myself to get my jobs done on my list.
The Best Part is crossing them off!

I enjoyed this blog so much I laughed out loud ….lol…
Thanks once again
Donna Merrill


My favorite part of this article is this. Going through the list of things people who never succeed do, I can see that I do all of them. And most of us probably do.

The answer is not so much in avoiding these pitfalls, as it is in MINIMIZING them. And work daily to overcome them, realizing that their allure and comfort is always tantalizing! That’s why they’re so common.

Thanks David, I always get a great read on your blog!

kevin@weird facts

Yes, this list does hit close to home. I’m going to have to get a new set of friends (and family members too). :)


I disagree with 1 and 3. Apart from hard work, a lot of successful people don’t know why they succeeded. There are plenty of hard working, risk taking doers who fail too. And planning is always a requirement for deliberate success. Try invading Normandy without doing so.

The power of saying “No” should have made it onto the list. Pleasing others with a “Yes” at the wrong time is a trap. To many “Yes”es don’t even keep relationships healthy.


    Hey Philip, great points you make. The point of #1 is that you need a mentor, a coach. Someone who actually has had success and can show you how they did it. If you talked to someone that doesn’t know how they because successful, they wouldn’t be a very good mentor now would they? You can’t do it alone, you need a team, you need a mentor.

    #3 is about Analysis Paralysis. It’s about procrastinating so long that you never actually do anything. You are correct, you have to plan, but at some point, you have to actually invade. #3 is about not even doing that.

    Thanks for giving a #11. You are right on that one.

    Thanks very much for your comments. I appreciate your input.

    Take care,



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