In honor of my 100th blog post, I’m going to reveal to you the Biggest Network Marketing Secret Ever! And along the way, I’m going to dispel one of the oldest Network Marketing Myths of all time. Read on.

I was talking to a guy the other day about Network Marketing and he said to me, “I don’t believe in Network Marketing or MLM. You’re just working to make the people above you rich, and you never make a dime.”


The problem is, many people think this way. It’s one of the oldest Network Marketing Myths there is. What they don’t even realize, is that statement is more true when you work at a regular job every day.

When you’re hired for a job, you get paid (hopefully) what the going rate is, not necessarily what you are worth. Now your job has to be one that provides an end result of profit for the owners, or that job wouldn’t exist. I know this is an obvious statement, but companies aren’t there to break even, they exist to make a profit. So the work you do translates into a profit for the company, i.e. the owner or shareholders. If that wasn’t the case, there would be no job.

So when you take a job, what is the real purpose for you working that job? Are you working to make others rich? You bet! But what do you get out of that? A steady paycheck? Ok, I’ll give you that one. Is it enough to pay your bills? Hopefully. Will it give you the lifestyle you dream of? Doubtful. Does it give you the time to do all the things you want to do? Hardly. But hey, it’s a job and you can make some money. Fair enough.

Now let’s switch over to Network Marketing for a minute. Your up-line only earns money by helping you earn money. So think about it. If I teach you how to make $1,000, and I make $100 for doing so, isn’t that fair? But get this, you aren’t even the one paying me the $100. The company is. So you are actually getting trained for free! Free training on how to make money, while you’re making money!! How can you beat that? But wait, check this out, I don’t get that $100 UNLESS you make that $1000! If you don’t make any money, I don’t make any money. So wouldn’t it be in my best interest to teach you how to make lots and lots of money? Doesn’t that make sense?

Let’s put it another way, have you ever bought stocks or bonds? If so, you know that you have to pay a broker a fee to buy those stocks and bonds. You have to pay this fee regardless of whether or not you make any money. You even have to pay that fee if you lose money!! How fair does that sound? But people do it every day, many times a day for some.

What about when you buy a car? Do you think the guy helping you sign those papers isn’t making money off the sale of that car? But here’s the kicker in this scenario, the minute you drive that car off the lot, it’s lost almost half its value. And to add insult to injury, if you’re financing that car, you’re actually paying almost 3 times what the car is worth after all is said and done! Yet, every day tons of new cars are sold, and nobody thinks twice about it.

So let’s go back to the part where it would be in my best interest to teach you how to make lots and lots of money, because this is where a lot of people make a HUGE mistake in Network Marketing, and here is where I reveal to you the Biggest Network Marketing Secret you’ll ever hear.

Don’t ever sponsor anyone into your business unless you are 100% committed to teaching them how to make tons of money!

I don’t understand how anyone can sponsor someone and leave them high and dry. That is a recipe for failure and that is why most people fail. How can anyone expect to make money in this industry if the only way to make money is if you teach your team to make money, and you’re not doing that?

Take a look at the most successful people in this industry. Those making the most money. The top 5%. The Legends.

What separates them from you? Are they any better than you? Are they any smarter than you? Better looking? Better Dressed? Taller? Shorter? What separates them from you?

I believe the one main reason is that they found a way to teach others how to do this business and in turn, taught those people how to teach others. You see, it doesn’t stop with just one generation. It must be taught again and again. It’s a philosophy that spreads through the organization. Everyone has to be doing the same things, believe the same things. Everyone needs to know how to make money. And obviously, if everyone is making money, everyone is making money.

If you get this concept, I mean REALLY GET THIS CONCEPT, and you should if you are a Network Marketer, your life will be a whole lot easier.

If you don’t know how to do this business, or you don’t know how to teach others to do this business, then you need to find someone to teach you. You need to study. You need to train. Because if you don’t, you’re going to end up not very much more successful than you are now.

Either learn how to do it right and to teach others, or someone else will teach your down-line. And more than likely, at that point, they won’t be your down-line any more.

So if anyone ever asks you if you are going to make money off of them, say, “Yes, the company pays me on how well I train you to make money. So my goal is to train you how to make more money than you can possibly spend. Is that fair?”

Who can argue with that?

To Your Success, Because Your Success Matters!

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Karla Setchel

Congratulations on your 100th post! Exceptional information David and a great explanation of network marketing! :)

Karla Setchel


WoW your 100th post already. We are on a constant learning stream. I feel that whatever we learn we must teach. I love this blog because it re-confirmed all my thoughts.

Michael B Wilbraham

Congratulations on your 100th post David, it is my priviledge to be able to comment on it!

The content of your post speaks the absolute truth…however I do feel that it is not only YOUR willingness to do whatever it takes to see your new recruit be successful – it is also incumbent on that person to ACTION what you teach them!

Without any action from them, you will be going blue in the face wondering where you’re going wrong. It IS a two-way street, & you are both part of a team…we all know that means “together everyone achieves more”.

Stay inspired,


You’re absolutely right in your 100th blog (congratulations btw), David.

There is NO business where people above you don’t earn money because of your efforts. But in EVERY business, the people above you must not only teach, but also inspire you to follow their example.

I think that the only difference in MLM and internet marketing businesses is that nobody gets ahead unless they’re a leader to someone. In an ordinary 9 to 5 business, you only need to be a follower. Leadership is just for an elite few, and everyone else is stuck in place far beneath them, regardless of their initiative and hard work. Online, the same initiative and hard work not only might pay off very nicely, but may also catapult you into overnight leadership.


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