In honor of Independence Day, I would like to share with you an article from The Daily Love by Mastin Kipp. I hope you really get this!

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Today I wanted to pay forward some of Mastin’s Brilliance. If you haven’t subscribed to The Daily Love yet, you should. It’s really good.


As Einstein said, there are two ways to look at the world: as though everything is a miracle or as if nothing is a miracle. He deduced that we can’t pick and choose if one thing is a miracle and something else isn’t based on the limits of human reason, we have these choices.

Another way to put this is that we have two perceptions through which to look out at the world with: Love or fear. There are the basic two lenses that we can see the world with. And it is impossible to look with the eyes of Love and think a fearful thought and it is impossible to look with the eyes of fear and think a Loving thought.

Love = A miracle. Fear = no miracle.

So, today, July 4th in America is about celebrating our independence. We liberated ourselves from an oppressive force that didn’t want us to be free. We took our power back and created a free country where we have a basic human right to pursue our own happiness.

Read the rest of the article here at The Daily Love – Celebrate Being Independent From Fear!

I want to truly thank Mastin for his daily inspiration and genius. I will never miss my dose of Daily Love!!

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